PGCon2009 - Final Release

PGCon 2009
The PostgreSQL Conference

Magnus Hagander
Day Talks - first day - 2009-05-21
Room DMS 1160
Start time 11:30
Duration 01:00
ID 120
Event type Lecture
Track Advanced Features
Language used for presentation English

Encrypted PostgreSQL

Need to store or access your PostgreSQL data with extra confidentiality? This talk will look at the options available for data and transport encryption in PostgreSQL.

This talk will go into how to design and deploy encrypted solutions using PostgreSQL. It will cover setting up and using transport encryption options (using SSL/TLS or outside solutions), as well as well as the advanced cryptography functions available inside the database itself (using the pgcrypto module). We'll both look at the theoretical side and specific examples of how and when to use the different methods.