PGCon2009 - Final Release

PGCon 2009
The PostgreSQL Conference

Stephen Frost

Stephen Frost is a Principal with Noblis, Inc., a nonprofit science, technology and strategy organization that helps clients solve complex systems, process and infrastructure problems, with our unique impartial stance, we do what's right and what works best for our clients and the public good.

His work includes system architecture, system design, programming, unix administration, database administration, and management of the Noblis Innovation and Collaboration Center Computing Resources.

As a PostgreSQL contributor, Stephen implemented roles support in 8.1 to replace the existing user/group system, and SQL column-level privileges in 8.4. As a PostGIS contributor and committer, Stephen updated the TIGER Geocoder for TIGER/Line and will be introducing a new version which works with the TIGER/Shapefile data at PGCon 2009.

Stephen is also a Debian developer, and Linux kernel contributor.


sfrost at snowman dot net