PGCon2007 - Confirmed

PGCon 2007
The PostgreSQL Conference

Neil Conway
Day 4
Room SITE A0150
Start time 11:30
Duration 01:00
ID 12
Event type Lecture
Track Hackers
Language English

Stream Processing with PostgreSQL

An Introduction to Data Streams and TelegraphCQ

An introduction to data stream query processing. Traditional database systems use a "store and query" model: the data is stored by the DBMS, and one-time queries are submitted, evaluated, and then the results returned to clients. This model is often inappropriate for a world in which data is constantly in motion. For applications like network monitoring, real-time financial analysis, and sensor networks, the overhead required to store data to disk and then compute a one-time query is excessive. A data stream management system (DSMS) allows long-running continuous queries over data streams to be defined, yielding a query processing model much more amenable to real-time analysis and response.

This talk will begin by describing the historical context and motivation for data stream management systems, and discuss how DSMS differ from traditional database systems. After reviewing the major players in the DSMS market, the talk will then discuss techniques for query evaluation on data streams and discuss potential DSMS applications.