PGCon2007 - Confirmed

PGCon 2007
The PostgreSQL Conference

Greg Sabino Mullane
Day 2
Room SITE F0126
Start time 13:00
Duration 03:00
ID 31
Event type Workshop
Track Tutorial
Language English

Pl/Perl - Best of Both Worlds

Learn how Pl/Perl can make you more productive

Learn all about Pl/Perl, which combines the best language with the best database.

Learn how Pl/Perl can greatly enhance your ability as a DBA or application developer, by using is alongside Pl/pgsql. We'll start by installing Pl/Perl, and then quickly dive into using it with some neat examples, learning its strengths and weaknesses along the way. We'll learn not only when to use it, but when NOT to use it, and when to use it in ways you never thought of. We'll see how it stacks up against the other procedural languages, and see what the future may hold for it.