PGCon2007 - Confirmed

PGCon 2007
The PostgreSQL Conference

Greg Sabino Mullane

Greg Sabino Mullane is a Perl and Postgres programmer who works at End Point Corporation. He is the primary developer of DBD::Pg and is working on converting MediaWiki to use Postgres as its backend.

Greg Sabino Mullane has been using databases for many years, but has found none that works as well as Postgres. His work at End Point Corporation involves daily use of Postgres and Perl, as well as the occasional use of other languages and (lesser) databases. He is the primary developer of DBD::Pg, the Perl to Postgres interface module, and is also the MediaWiki developer in charge of porting to Postgres. In addition to being active in the technical side of things in the Postgres community, he also helps maintain the Postgres web site and mailing lists, and is active in advocacy issues and writes for Other current projects include a multi-master replication system written in Perl, and finally finishing up his column-based triggers patch.


greg at turnstep dot com