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This page contains notes regarding the proposal submission process for PGCon 2008.

  • If your submission is accepted, funds are available for travel and accommodation. We prefer to pay for the travel rather than reimburse you.
  • Please submit all proposals through
  • At that URL, please create your account and wait for the confirmation email. Please confirm it, and then login and begin your submission process.

    NOTE: If you submitted a paper last year, you can use your old login again. Just click on Login instead of Create Account. If you cannot remember your login details, hit escape at the login box, then go through the password reset process.

Submission system notes

  • After login, please click on the Person link and then fill in all the tabs, but you can ignore the Travel and costs tab.
  • When saved, please create an event, one for each proposal you are submitting.

The Event

As part of the submission process, you will be creating a new event. This section outlines some of the event attributes you will be asked to supply.

  • Submission notes: for additional information which does not fit elsewhere.
  • General tab
    • Most fields are optional.
    • Submission of paper for proceedings - If you submit your paper, we will make your paper publicly available
    • Submission of presentation slides - If you submit your slides, we will make your slides publicly available
    • Event type - most will be Lecture. If you are giving a tutorial, select Workshop here.
    • Duration - lectures will be 1 hour, tutorials are more flexible.
    • Language used for presentation - All presentations are in English
    • Track - please ignore track
  • Resources tab
    • There will be a digital projector available in each lecture room.
    • There will be a wireless LAN available at the conference.
    • Please list anything else you will require.
  • Description tab
    • Abstract - If your proposal is accepted, the abstract will appear on the website
    • Full Description - elaborate upon the Abstract. A few paragraphs should suffice.

If you have any questions, please contact

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