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University of Ottawa Campus

This page contains information about the campus and facilities.

Accommodations on/near campus

See our Accommodations page for details.

Getting around Campus

Please see the Maps page.

Food on/near Campus

Most of the food vendors on campus are closed during the summer.

The Tim Hortons in SITE (STE) at the south end of campus and the Starbucks in Desmarais (DMS) at the north end of campus are both known to be open in May during previous PGCon events; presumably they'll be open in early June, too.

The Pivik convenience store in University Center is also open during the summer; double-check the hours of operation.

Several establishments are immediately adjacent to campus:

  • a Subway across the street from Desmarais, at the intersection of Laurier Ave, and Nicholas St.,
  • Father and Sons restaurant, at King Edward Ave. and Osgoode St.,
  • a 24-hr Mac's Milk convenience store beside Father and Sons on Osgoode St.,
  • a shawarma restaurant (name unknown) beside the Mac's Milk on Osgoode St.,
  • The Royal Oak Laurier East (a perennial favourite and the location of the early registration)
And of course, there are dozens of victuallers within a 10-to-15-minute walk, mostly to the North along Rideau Ave and into the Byward Market area.


Ottawa is home to a very large Lebanese-Canadian population, and this has produced a disproportionate number of Shawarma restaurants. Ask your fellow conference-goers for specific recommendations. Ottawa-style shawarma is noticeably different from what you'll find in, say, München (Munich), Chicago, or Baltimore.


If the convenience stores don't have what you want, the closest major grocery stores are Metro (245 Rideau St., open 24hrs) and Loblaws (363 Rideau St.). There are several smaller and/or specialty grocers within walking distance.


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U of O Campus
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